Fear: No Longer Slaves...

The other day Rhonda (Kane) asked me what my favorite worship song is right now. When I stopped to think about it... THIS is definitely the answer! I struggled with fear for MANY many many years. In this life there are people around you that have been through unspeakable things. Experiences that leave scares that penetrate deep into the soul... I'm thankful that MY God can deliver and heal us from every unimaginable thing. We can trust Him to be our deliverer. I will NEVER forget the day I was standing in the shower and realized I WAS NO LONGER A SLAVE TO FEAR! Thank you my Jesus for being my everything... This song is a declaration, a remembrance, a thanksgiving...

Enjoy and thank you Rhonda for asking me the question...xo



Monday Prayer...

Reaching to the heavens for you today. Leave any requests you may have... here, facebook or private message. 💕


My Holy Roller Life 3

My first faith building experience (Miracle) happened before I could talk!

I have ALWAYS had sensitive skin... which is quite the pain! Sometimes literally... When I was still in diapers and before my parents decided to follow Jesus. I had been struggling with severe diaper rash. So bad that I had OPEN and even BLEEDING sores on my nether regions (OUCH). As you can imagine this was very concerning to my parents. They had taken me to the Dr and were instructed to keep me out of diaper as much as possible and to switch to disposable diapers, which was VERY new at the time and probably pretty expensive I would think. Okay so... my parents had a gig (gig: A live performance, either musical, theatrical, or physical) with my grandpa in Santa Paula Ca., which is my grandfather and father's hometown :) My parents took me with them to Santa Paula and I was going to spend some quality time with my Mighty Woman of God (Great Grandmother Rufugia) who I'm sure was proclaiming and declaring over my future as she also prayed for my horrendous rash dilemma.  After my family SMASHED it at the gig (refer to definition above) they picked me up and were on their way back to Long Beach Ca. where my young, very hip mother, whose voice made people's heads explode as soon as she opened her instrument, began to change my diaper and as my face contorting, long corkscrew locked (long curly haired), bass slapp'n father looked on, they saw their babies bottom, and other parts, smooth! Free of any evidence that there had been anything wrong with any part of my skin! Healed completely!

This began the questions. The questions from my mother to my father of what could have possibly made this happen. And so she began her journey toward a Father like no other that would fill her life with story after story of His unfailing, unwavering faithfulness...

to be continued