happy friday!!!!

today was a super long day!!! it felt like one of those never ending work days! Don't get me wrong I love the place I work but I've been so tired it was very difficult to keep my eyes open!

it still feels like a dream having my mom and dad practically down the street from me :) so far for the last 2 days I've headed over to their casa after work and i think to my self "i can't believe i'm driving over to my mom and dad's right now"! yay me...

heading to the in-laws tomorrow! I think we're going to the rodeo so that should be a great time!

i think i'm going to put together a "saturday inspiration" for tomorrows post so be lookin out... also pictures to come of mom and dad settling in.




a christmas carol

i auditioned for "a christmas carol" tonight!!!! it was so fun and a little scary....but the fun far out weighed the scary... i hope get a part! i'll keep you posted...



today is an amazing day! after being in hanford for almost 8 years without family my mom and dad are coming here to retire! it feels too good to be true and honestly i've been pretty cautious about getting excited about the entire thing. but today is the day! they picked up the keys to there character filled home this morning and the movers come on wednesday. my heart is singing, my soul is filled with joy, my mind is excitedly anticipating the "i can't wait untils"...

feeling so blessed