gray hair...ugh

I am sad...

I keep having terrible allergic reactions to my hair being colored. My last experience being the worst. This past Thursday  I colored my hair for the last time. It will never be worth the risk again! Yes, I know this may seem a little dramatic  but after my eye swelling up, my lungs feeling like I had an elephant on my chest, my lips turning blue and scaring my children to death by handing them the bottle of color and telling them to give this to who ever comes if I loose contentiousness and they have to call 911. It's over! Sounds irrational but trust me it was the most rational thing to do at the time. It was a very scary moment. By the way today I am loosing the first layer of skin on my scalp... it's lovely

So now what? I'm researching hair cuts I think my husband and I can live with. Realizing I need all new hair products and hoping that I can some how not feel like I should be ordering off the senior citizen menu...

The plan...  cut my hair into a just above the shoulder choppy bob that I will mostly where straight, grow my hair out about 2 inches and find someone who can match the color. I'm thinking as long as the color does not touch my skin I should be fine. However I may end up needing to do it myself because well... I have trust issues

So I'm ashamed to say that if I let my self I could get a big knot in my throat and maybe even sob over this. I really can't figure out what that means other than the fact that I must be very vain.




there's a new principal in town!

I am soooo incredibly proud of "Big Daddy"! He has worked so hard for this :) Thank you Lord for such an amazing husband who works hard and gets the job done! ox


Miranda Lambert tonight!

Going to see Miranda Lambert tonight!!! Can't wait to let me hair down!!!!

 3 of my faves!


cleaning out the barn...

i went to help clean out the barn today at the church... What did i just say??? Ya that's right! Who ever thought I would say I went to clean out a barn!!! to funny...that's what happens when you move out to farm town! Anywho my crazy allergies took over and now I'm home recovering. Peeing my pants at work is not an happy thought or anywhere for that matter... I'm tempted to start reading a new book but since Benny (benadryl) is kicking in I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open to write this post... I might be able to get a few good sentences read before passing out. We'll see... sigh until next time....

knowing is better than wondering...

Go out and do it! when i think about how many times wondering has stopped me from knowing? It's super frustrating!!!

Do you realize that there are people who spend their entire lives wondering!!! Not me baby... i'm steppin out!


Words to live by...

Proverbs 10:19 (the message)

The more talk, the less truth; 
the wise measure their words. 

So this goes for all words... emails, text messages etc... I have been thinking of this scripture often as of late. Brought on by some good advise from a good friend. I love it when that happens... keep it short and sweet :)



does anyone like to clean their house???

laundry... check
kitchen... check
mop... check
2 bathrooms...
what's for dinner...


coffee with "big daddy"

me and big daddy...1988 Laughlin Nevada
went to coffee with "big daddy" this morning... it's always a great feeling to pause, catch up, laugh together and remind him I'm still his biggest fan... Me and You baby all the way!!!! #67 is RAD...oxox


" do what needs to be done "

It's kind of a weird statement I know... but it's true. the more I feel like me the more I realize just how far away I've been.

Maybe it's my age? My mom says I'm menopausal... who know she could be right??? i mean i did just turn 42! What ever the reason is I'm loving it.

I have a new mantra...

I went to a Women's Retreat last month with the ladies from my church. I had been asked to lead worship for the weekend and really had a great time with the ladies and spending time connecting with my God.

During one of the speakers sessions she had shared with us that God had given her a sort of theme for the year and it was "do the right thing". As I pondered these words I asked my self "hey... why don't I ever ask God for a  theme or focus for my life". I desperately  wanted to make her theme my own but know matter how hard I tried it just wasn't a fit.

Now that I've been home living my life I have received my very own theme or mantra or focus. " Do what needs to be done ". So now as I live out my  life minute by minute "doing what needs to be done" from the laundry to attending the Catalyst conference this past week I've found my peace, my joy and understanding even revelation the me I've never been.

What's your theme? If you don't have one I highly recommend connecting with your God and asking. For me... it's been a life changer.


life is good...

feeling peaceful, content, blessed... more myself than i remember feeling in a very long time...

thank you Lord