Organizing My Life: A trip to Costco made me do it!

Wow! It's been a while!!! Does anybody Blog anymore??? Probably not... Which means it's a perfect time for me to start up again!
Looks like I need to change Big Daddy's and my picture on the right doesn't it... ;)

I went to Costco this morning!

Costco questions:
Do any of you get out of Costco spending under $100????
Does anyone else wonder where in the world you're going to put all that stuff when you get home????

As many of my family members know, as well as those of you that have entered my bubble, I have a little bit of an issue with, well a lot of things, but in particular organization of my clutter!!! Since I opened up my Daycare, back in November (rolling my eyes), I am OUT OF CONTROL!!!! So today is the day and I'm starting with the fridge and pantry. Always spending more money than I should... I headed to Target to quench my organizational thirst.  I think a got most of what I need and am heading in to get my organization on as soon as I'm done with this post! Wish me luck on my adventure!!!

Here are some before pics. and a little encouraging word for myself... lol

 I can do ALL things through Christ who give me strength!!!!!
Philippians 4:13