Secrets of the Vine...

"Big Daddy" and I started reading "Secrets of the Vine" (by Bruce Wilkinson based on John Chapter 15) yesterday... oldy but goody  this morning I was reminded that as we turn and face the vine dresser and allow the shaping and pruning by His hand is when the good fruit is encouraged and the environment is condusive to growing the best fruit and also encourages even more fruit. Even though discomfort is kind of enividable it's totally worth it ~


Grrrrr... Grumble Grumble

This cough is on my last nerve! I've had it for about 3 weeks! I'm weezy and sneezy... and you know the old bladder ain't what she used to be... leek and eek!  My new normal STINKS!  Allergies that get worse every year, Grey hair and a leaky bladder is just a little too much for this girl to take... sigh

What I'm Working On...

Burp Cloths...




Acts the 3 man show...

I watched "Acts the 3 man show" tonight at Koinonia... WOW! what an incredible performance of the book of Acts (in the bible)... The kids went with me and enjoyed it equally as much. On the way home we discussed how it made each of us feel. It stirred similar emotions in all of us. Brittani said that it made her feel like what we scarifies for Christ is so little in comparison. Colton's response was Ya like when we don't even want to go to church on Sundays. My feeling was man I don't have that sense of urgency to tell people about Christ let alone being beaten and martyred for Him.

Watching the Bible come alive in this way was truly moving. If you missed it you missed something amazing!



Break Through!!!

So I FINALLY, thanks to my friend Sylvia, have been introduced to a realistic approach to planning meals and getting farther than the menu! To my shame for many years I have not been successful in this area to say the least! Recently Sylvia sat me down with some sale papers recipes and a do-able strategy to meal planning. This has led to saving lots of money, happy Parson tummies and much needed relief for me! I created this planning template because I was having a hard time finding one with a "meal prep plan" section which is a key portion to my new approach! This is only a snap shot of the document but I had to share :) I also did it very simply and figured I could spice it up with colored paper???


Love Thursdays...

On Thursday evenings I meet with two fabulous ladies my mamma Bonnie

and my friend Debra

We are currently discussing the book "Hinds Feet on High Places". If you haven't read it you should. It's written by Hannah Hurnard. It's an amazing allegory  about a Shepherd and the ones he cares for... a character called "Much Afraid" that I fear no pun intended  I may have too much in common.  We have dinner together, laugh, pray, we haven't cried together yet but I'm sure we will, we haven't been meeting very long...

looking forward to our evening together ladies...


a year of mornings...

i just ordered this book!!! I can't wait... The book was born from two women 3191 miles apart that shared random pictures from each others mornings for an entire year! The funny thing was that many pictures bared shocking resemblances. As well as sharing intimate tranquil moments of each others morning lives. Two kindred spirits miles and miles apart...

Haven't you had that feeling with people before? I have... I've thought I bet we would be great friends if we ever happened to meet!

sneak peak


the most amazing pj's!!!!

i ordered these pj's from macy's and got them yesterday... they are the absolute softest pj's i have  ever worn in my entire life!!!! they are made from a fabric called "mink fleece" OMGosh. I couldn't wait to get home from church this morning (and breakfast at mom and dad's) to put them back on!!! thank goodness i was smart enough to get 2 pair!!!!!!


the journal

i've been desperately seeking out the perfect journal to begin my 2013 writing frenzy .. a fresh start! as i searched this afternoon, to no avail, i realized i already had the exact journal i was searching for. found during a similar frantic frenzy  back in 2005 at barnes and nobal. it had to be leather, black, not too big, not too small... refillable, it must be of quality to stand the test of time.

i found it funny as i read through this fabulous journal that it spanned over 7 years, now extending 8!!! not to last long since it's almost filled full of "brandiruth"... not that i haven't journaled through this span of 8. yes i have... in other more frivolous pen to paper tools... it's just that this one runs from a deeper well. one that i've only wanted to dip into from time to wonderful and sometimes painful time.

i'm not sure where my journaling this year will lead. but i'm ready to head there. i'm looking forward to our conversation... modern technology be dammed!
i've missed  you my familiar friend...