Fear: No Longer Slaves...

The other day Rhonda (Kane) asked me what my favorite worship song is right now. When I stopped to think about it... THIS is definitely the answer! I struggled with fear for MANY many many years. In this life there are people around you that have been through unspeakable things. Experiences that leave scares that penetrate deep into the soul... I'm thankful that MY God can deliver and heal us from every unimaginable thing. We can trust Him to be our deliverer. I will NEVER forget the day I was standing in the shower and realized I WAS NO LONGER A SLAVE TO FEAR! Thank you my Jesus for being my everything... This song is a declaration, a remembrance, a thanksgiving...

Enjoy and thank you Rhonda for asking me the question...xo



Monday Prayer...

Reaching to the heavens for you today. Leave any requests you may have... here, facebook or private message. 💕


My Holy Roller Life 3

My first faith building experience (Miracle) happened before I could talk!

I have ALWAYS had sensitive skin... which is quite the pain! Sometimes literally... When I was still in diapers and before my parents decided to follow Jesus. I had been struggling with severe diaper rash. So bad that I had OPEN and even BLEEDING sores on my nether regions (OUCH). As you can imagine this was very concerning to my parents. They had taken me to the Dr and were instructed to keep me out of diaper as much as possible and to switch to disposable diapers, which was VERY new at the time and probably pretty expensive I would think. Okay so... my parents had a gig (gig: A live performance, either musical, theatrical, or physical) with my grandpa in Santa Paula Ca., which is my grandfather and father's hometown :) My parents took me with them to Santa Paula and I was going to spend some quality time with my Mighty Woman of God (Great Grandmother Rufugia) who I'm sure was proclaiming and declaring over my future as she also prayed for my horrendous rash dilemma.  After my family SMASHED it at the gig (refer to definition above) they picked me up and were on their way back to Long Beach Ca. where my young, very hip mother, whose voice made people's heads explode as soon as she opened her instrument, began to change my diaper and as my face contorting, long corkscrew locked (long curly haired), bass slapp'n father looked on, they saw their babies bottom, and other parts, smooth! Free of any evidence that there had been anything wrong with any part of my skin! Healed completely!

This began the questions. The questions from my mother to my father of what could have possibly made this happen. And so she began her journey toward a Father like no other that would fill her life with story after story of His unfailing, unwavering faithfulness...

to be continued



She's Crafty!

Today's project was fun and only took about 15 minutes! I bought a bulletin board for my entryway. I like the natural look but wanted to dress it up a bit. Super easy and super cheap!💰
$14.99 Bulletin Board from Hobby Lobby on sale 50% off $7.50 and some cool tape I found at the $.99 Store.
Grand total $8.50ish!

Monday Prayer

Prayers going up for you this morning... Feel free to leave requests here, Facebook  or private message me.


Thrift Store Haula!

This weekends Thrift Store Haul! So I'm on the hunt for specific things I need and want for the Summer Adventure program and man did I make out this weekend! Giving it up for my Jesus! He provides all our needs! Can I get an Amen!!!! 

Really wanted this size easel with dry erase board for teaching time and the ability to store teaching tools in the middle (easy access) and would hold the Calendar for circle time! Woot woot   $8.99

These are a lot of fun! I wanted one but was pretty pricey at the store... This one is way bigger than the one I was hoping to buy at Walmart! $5.99

Now this was just an unnecessary  secret desire! There are even princess barbies! 2 Snow White's, Pocahontas, 3 Jasmine's even Marida, and Rapunzel   $20.00

Rex $.78, Captain America that talks $1.50, a really cool shark $.78 to go with the other animals I have, and a cool wood puzzle to add to my collection which I've been picking up at thrift stores lately. I think I have a total of 5 so far this one was $1.50! 
Okay I saved the best for last!!! This was like a pie in the sky dream! I really wanted these Marbleworks. We have them at the preschool and the kids just LOVE to play with them. However, they can get pretty pricey anywhere from $40-$80 and up depending on brand and how many are in the set etc... This is 2 complete sets that I got for $6.00!!!
God  you're so good!


Matters of the Heart Test Results...

Tests results are in!
Here's the breakdown:

20% blockage in my right carotid artery
10% blockage in my right leg
my heart is enlarged and has a murmur do to my diabetes and weight.

They don't do surgery unless there is 70+ blockage.
He is not ordering an angiogram at this time. However, if I continue having heart palpitations or chest pain that is the next step.
I was prescribed Lipitor to help clear the blockage.
He's still requesting 4 miles of walking a day... ugh no salt and veggies, veggies, veggies. booooo Weight loss of course. I think with this diet and walking that shouldn't be a problem...

Man my pill box is getting full!!! If you met my pill box before you met me you would definitely figure me for a little old lady!
Thanking the Lord for a mostly good report. Time to put in the work. Thank you so much for all of your prayers! Glad to have a game plan and to know I'm not going to keel over with a heart attack or stroke!

Much love,



Monday Prayer...

1 Peter 5:7
Cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you.

Praying for you today... Let me know if you have any requests here, Facebook or private message.



Matters of the Heart 4

The Stress Test was very stressful! All in all it seemed to go well. I ended up having to have an IV which I was NOT expecting! The IV was to administer a radiation medication into my bloodstream. It was injected at the beginning of the test, I was given 2 cups of water, then ushered to lay on this skinny table, legs straight out, arms above my head and this amazing machine moved VERY slowly taking pic of my resting heart at all angles. After this I was escorted to the treadmill room, yes with the IV still in my arm! We begin the next phase of the testing. I got strapped with LOTS of wires and had lots of those circle sticky things stuck on me with stuff attached to them. Stepped on the treadmill and away we went. It started off at a pretty easy pace and I was feeling pretty good about things however every few minutes the speed increased and the treadmill inclined. By the end I felt like I was running up Mt Everest! Okay a little dramatic I know! As I was sprinting up Mt Everest the tech makes me release my death grip on the handle to administer more radioactive meds. I was praying LORD PLEASE HELP ME TO STAY ON THIS THING AND PLEASE KEEP ME FROM FARTING!!!! Have no fear my God is a mighty God!!! I finished the test glowing and panting a little but I made it through the entire test and with no breaking of wind! After this I was released for an hour to have food and COFFEE! Came back to the facility, back on the skinny table, legs straight out arms above my head amazing machine taking pictures of my very active heart. In total the test process took 3 hours which includes the hour break in between. Can I just say modern technology is awesome!

Tomorrow, Monday 4/4 at 4:00 I will receive all the results of my heart tests... Thank you so much for all your prayers! I know our God is listening...

I'll keep you posted



My Holy Roller Life 2

Homecoming 1987
My ONE of a kind father. Words that come to mind... artsy fartsy, spiritual, giver, compassionate, romantic, conversationalist, philosopher, deep thinker, artist, joke teller, peacemaker, musician, teacher. Just to give a few ;)
Feelings the thought of him evoke... joy, love, protected, strength, bravery, confidence, creativety, special

My dad was raised by his grandparents. Mexican culture, Spanish speaking, strict and Christ following. My grandfather, his dad, was a musician who had my father when he was a child himself, 16 I think and my grandmother was 14, I'm pretty sure. The way I've heard the story told is that my Great Grandmother Rufugia, Ruth in Spanish which is my middle name. My mother's mom's name was Ruth also cool huh? I'm named after both! Anyways... Rufugia a mighty woman of God, which we will discuss another day, went and asked my Grandmother if she could take my father, little Jimmy, and raise him as her own. And so... it was so. My Christian heritage begins...

Stay tuned