Giving, Receiving, Passing continued

Still meditating on this concept and still sharing...
What does this look like the giving, receiving, passing? The thought that comes to mind is Money, tithing, gifts, talents, knowledge...how many times do we hold these things tight to our chest...hording them for our selves alone? I know I do this...and I think it could be defined as selfishness...How many times has God given me something He has intended for me to pass on to someone else and I haven't? How many times has the Kingdom suffered for my selfishness? Probably none...it's not like God needs me to accomplish his plans...so then who really suffers? Me. Yes I do believe God gives us things for us alone to hold on to little gifts blessings...He is so wonderful and gracious...but I don't think that is what He is trying to teach ME through this thought that won't let me go...well that's all for now...
Lord thank you for taking the time to speak to me, teach me, mold me into your image...how I love You so....

a thought and quote to Ponder

Bruce (epic pastor) has placed a new way of thinking in my mind that I am loving and pondering or I should say God through Bruce did...anyway...thought I would share...
We are not givers...God is the only giver...we are receivers and passers...we are receiving the things God gives us and passing them to others...
I love this truth...
Which in reality I'm doing just that at this very moment...Groovy!!!!


I can't catch up to my life!!!

I'm sure we all feel like this every once in a while...in fact I'm sure most of you could match my schedule and raise it a Crazy or 2...but...this is one of those times for me...my life is CRAZY...It has been non stop for the Parson house I tell ya...
Here is a peek at my last week to present:
Accountability group
Cheer Practise
Baseball game
Life group
Cheer Booster meeting
Go see pig
Dinner with Kirk to talk over Middle school stuff
Cheer practise
Go see pig
Creative team meeting
8th grade Banquet
Bruces hair...had to cancel couldn't squeeze it in
Cheer practise
go see pig
Book club dinner at olive garden in visallia
Colton Baseball Game
welcome get together for Chris at Boston house of pizza...new youth summer intern
go see pig
Get ready for Colton's Birthday party!!!
Colton's B-day party
Brit Magic mountain 8th grade leadership trip
Morph worship gathering get the 411 on creation
Colton's actual Birthday
Colton Cherry picking with Domenic
Memorial day picnic
movie with life group...cancelled life group baby Nathan sick and in hospital!! He is out and doing much better...thank you Lord...
Darin go to dinner for new head football coach for support
Accountability group Breakfast celebrate Jen's B-day
Cheer Practise
go see pig
Darin Final oral exam...it was a biggy...he did great!!! of course
Darin bored meeting for HJU (Hanford Joint Union)
go see pig
Do Bruces hair I think...he hasn't called me back yet...
I told you Crazy huh...well its winding down for a couple of days until Friday...Brit goes to Wild waters with 8th graders...mom and dad are coming WOOOOOOOOO...and Darin's mom and dad are coming double WOOOOOO...Darin Graduates with his masters and administrative credential on Sunday!!! we are having a Party for him and Brit on Saturday!!!
Thank you Lord for giving us the strength and energy we need for each day...I'm so glad I don't have to do this on my own...I love you...


They do love each other!!!!

This is how I found my two babies this evening...

At some point this evening my two little angels decided to watch the Original Indiana Jones movies in preparation for the movies tomorrow when we go see the NEW Indian Jones movie with our Life Group...I could just kiss their little cheeks off...


How did this happen!!!

My baby girl is graduating the 8th grade on June 6th...OH MY GOSH!!! I want to cry all the time...what is happening??? I don't want to move forward!!! WHY...WHY...WHY??????????

Tonight was the first of many official wrapping up the year events...The 8th grade Banquet...Brittani looked so beautiful along with all her classmates...it was fun sitting with Brittani and critiquing all the dresses the girls picked out...yes very caddy but fun...probably not the best example...to late now...ugh...and let me just say...all you ladies with little girls out there...please teach your little lady in training the correct undergarments to wear with what ever it is that they are wearing...it drives me CRAZY when these poor little things walk around without a clue!!! Anyway...it was a great evening...I have some pictures of Brit and her friends and....Brittani and THE BOY...don't worry we told him he could put his arm around her for the picture...I don't think he minded a bit...

Superhero Day!!!

Today was superhero day at Colton's school...of course I didn't know because I am a terrible mother...anyway...I send Colton to the bus stop...which is directly across the street...and not 5 minutes later here comes Colton barreling back through the door exclaiming..."I need a cape... I need a cape"...what for I say...and he says..."its superhero day"...I say Colton we don't have capes anymore I'm sorry Honey...there was a moment of Now What...and then the light bulb moment!!! "I'll go as DAD" he says...like why didn't I think of that in the first place!!! My heart burst with Love for my son and Pride for my husband...as I rushed off to find a Football shirt or something for him to wear...I come back to his room to find him dressed like this...

Yep...he looks just like his Superhero!!!!

I love my little man!!!!


Passing Gas and the Treadmill...BAD!!!

Let me just start by saying this is TMI...and I just don't care!!!
1 mile and 1 to go...The weather is changing in good old Hanford...High 90's and now triple digits starting today...and let me just say the air quality not so great...So I've moved my running adventures to the Gym this week...Not to bad...other than the GYM people...not as bad as L.A. Fitness or Baleys but you know the GYM people I refer to...anywho...Let me just say eating a Fiber One bar before the gym...not a great idea...I'm running along minding my own business when it came!!! I thought I was safe because both fellow treadmillers on either side of me had ipods so I let it go...yes I did...I just let it go right there on the treadmill...But don't worry...my suspicions were correct the treadmillers were none the wiser...so I got to a little over .75 miles and the gas was rumbling so crazy in my tummy I could hear it on the outside...so...yep I did it again!!! Only this time...nope nobody heard but...it made the next worse thing happen...I had to go #2...OH NO not now I've got to finish my 2 mile run...I was going to try to stick it out but I just couldn't...I was running like a soldier trying to keep my butt cheeks pinched together with my knees lifting...actually higher than I thought they could go...sweating like crazy...I ended at 1 mile jumped off and felt like I should sprint to the ladies room...when I heard a friend from church not to far away from me yell BRANDI!!! WHAT...OH MY GOSH!!! HOW LONG HAS SHE BEEN HERE!!! AND DID SHE HEAR ANYTHING!!! Well there was no time to find out I waved and ran...needless to say...I didn't finish my 2 mile run today...Oh well there's always tomorrow and you better believe NO FIBER BAR for me!!!

The Story of Abraham

I love the story of Abraham!!! I was inspired by a book that I just finished to go back and study Abraham...really kind of pick it apart...take it all in like I've never done before...let God talk to me in a fresh and new way through the bible...I love that...anyway I feel like taking you on my journey so I'm going to...
Of course I started at the beginning in Genesis 11:1-32...well I didn't really have to start at the tower of Babel...but that takes you to Shem which eventually takes us to the birth of Abram (Abraham)...But lets go back to The Tower of Babel...I blame this for a lot of my life's displeasure and frustration and a little guilt...in the beginning of this chapter it says...Now the whole world had one language and a common speech!!! Then because they built that stupid tower!!! It says...and God came down and said..."If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other."For those of you who don't know I am 1/2 Caucasian and 1/2 Mexican...I look more Latin than I do white...anyway all that to say I don't speak Spanish...my dad never taught me because of a lot of reasons...what ever they are the fact remains I don't speak Spanish!!! I feel disconnected in many ways from my Mexican heritage and people because of this...I have been mocked and ridiculed and I never know quite what to say!!! The last encounter was this...a proud of his heritage, well put together, older Mexican man told me...after trying to speak to me in Spanish and me saying for the hundredth gazillion time "sorry I don't speak Spanish" "This is a disgrace to our Mexican heritage!!! Why don't you speak Spanish?" I said "my father never taught me." He said "well you are an adult now it's up to you!" That little man has haunted me in my mind like no other...I'm still feeling guilty about it and wondering what to do...AND I'm blaming The Tower of Babble!!!!
Boy how my mind goes...know wonder it takes me so long to get through a book in the bible...Hee-Hee


I just had to...

OK this is just scary!!! But it really made me laugh!!! My friend Michelle posted this on her blog and I had to steal it so all the other people I know could be just as scared as I was!!! I never considered how breast implants would age with a person...

I couldn't figure out how to post the actual picture so you have to click on the link...sorry
grannyskinny.jpg (image)


Running update...2 miles!!!!!!

Philippians 4:13
I can do EVERYTHING through Christ who gives me strength!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you know that applies to running too???? Thanks God!!!
I must admit that I was meditating on this scripture pretty fiercely during the last .25 mile of my run today...and we did it!
I am so excited...1 more mile to go and I will be at my goal of 3 miles...I must say it feels much more realistic to reach 3 miles than it did at the beginning of this continued journey!!! I feel great today...

He's Better....I hope...

I'm sending Colton back to school today with my fingers crossed...I'm pretty sure he's ready and he's really sure he's ready...I guess a couple of days home with mom is all he can take...I was feeling pretty confident until I woke up to the note that Darin wrote Colton's teacher before he went to work that reads...
Ms. Mello:
Colton has had the stomach flu the past few days. He may need to use the restroom several times today. Thank you for your cooperation.
Well of course this got me thinking...Hmmmm...if I have to send this note to school with Colton is he truly ready to go back to school? And I'm sure his teacher will be thinking the same...so...the dilemma...my soon to be 9 year old is all dressed, excited about going to school, used the bathroom once (yes it was loose) and he didn't eat breakfast because he wasn't hungry...ugh whats a mom to do???? Well I'm sending him to school I hope I'm not making the wrong, your a terrible mom decision!!!!!


Colton's Sick!!!

Colton's got the stomach flu!!! Poor guy...Please pray he feels better soon and none of us get it...ugh...

4-H Fair!!!

What a great day!!! Brittani did amazing. We are so proud of her. She won 5th place in Showmanship and 3 place in market. Incredible for a first timer!!!! I'll let the pictures do the talking...
The day started with a bath for Bud...(6:00am)
Brittani didn't like washing Buds hams but it had to be done...

Bud wrapped up in the hose...he wasn't happy.

Yes...His ears too...Jen making sure her bow was perfect...Me keeping Brit warm...My little 4-H angel...Paul coaching her up...thanks Paul you Rock!!!Look at her go!!!!!!Some more pointers from Coach Gillum...Bud after a long hard morning...Great job!!!(11:30am)


Bud's Weigh In....

Bud weighed in at a whopping 171 lbs...WOW!!! It was quite an adventure down at the pins for all those pigs...I didn't even recognize my self tonight...I really felt like a hanfordian...it was a lot of fun...I forgot my camera can you believe it...but I'll have pictures posted of tomorrows event soon...

It's Time...

Well our first fair has come around and Brittani will be showing Bud on Saturday at the 4-H fair...from what I hear it's like a practise fair and most people don't bring their animals...but we need all the practise we can get...here are some pictures we have to submit for the BIG FAIR in July and we hope bud will be close to 100 pounds heavier...but anyway here he is....and of course his beautiful little owner...I think he weighs more than she does by now...


Colton's Quote Of The Week!!!

Warning this is a little grows:
So we are out spending time with the pigs this week...and well there is a particular area of the pin that the pigs all poop...Colton is down at that particular corner of the pin admiringly watching Bud and Boss do their business...his eyes not moving from the pigs he takes a deep sighing breath and says "They are so lucky they get to poop were ever they want".
That's my boy!


The Boy and The Talk

OK so...remember "The Boy" I talked to you about some months back...well...he is still buzzing around my daughter like a big black scary bumble bee...you know the kind you want to just run from screaming for your life...anyway...Darin and I have not budged one little Iota on all of our rules with this "THING" going on...and I must say I have been secretly hoping and expecting "The Boy" to turn tail and run...But NO...he's taken it like a real trooper and we aren't sure weather to hate him or like him for it...here are some of the rules just as an example...
-No texting
- in fact no cell phone at all
- you must call the house if you want to talk to our daughter...
-no movies unless we are with them in the theater and they don't have to sit with us but definitely in front of us...
-no mall unless we are with them...
just to name a few...
"The Boy" had a birthday party at his house that was from 5:30-10:00pm...Oh NO NO NO...we let her go for 2 hours and absolutely no bathing suit would be worn...we couldn't figure out if it was a pool party but we knew he had a pool and we were not going to go there!!! Anyway good thing too when we got there to pick her up I found 3 couples in the Jacuzzi hanging on each other with my daughter obediently sitting on the outside with her feet safely dangling in the cesspool of lust...
Just catching you up to yesterday...well hold on lets go back a little...a few days after the cesspool of lust Darin told my "I want to have a man to man talk with The Boy" I had a worried but curious response but on the inside I was jumping for joy thinking this is it...this is it...it's finally over he is going to break up with her after this for sure maybe even before so he doesn't have to go through "The Talk" at all....so I said you should let Brit know so she is expecting it and she can let him know...and the rest just poetry in motion...ya baby...NOPE...first we told the little princess and she said OK that's a good idea mom...I'll tell him...WHAT!!! So I pick her up from school and ask her well did you tell "The Boy" and she said "Ya!! He said OK...he looked a little scared but he said ok...OH MY GOSH...what does it take with this kid? So yesterday he called to ask if he could come over and Darin said yes...and told me I'm going to talk to him today...I said ok and well...after he was here for about 30 min. I hear Darin say "Hey come out here to the porch I want to talk to you a minute". Oh how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall...But My husband is such an awesome Father I mean it!!! They had a man to man talk about what we expected of him...that Brittani is special and he's lucky to be hanging around with her andThe Boy said "yes sir I agree" Darin told him how she is our most precious gift and if anything were to happen to that gift we would not be happy...and of course NO touching legs, hanging on each other and NO kissing...but holding hands is ok...IF she wants to and she will let him know if she does...Well "The Boy" said I completely understand Mr. Parson...Looked Darin straight in the eyes the entire time...then we all went to Superior Dairy for Ice cream...sooo The Boy is still around and looking a little better than he did the day before yesterday.



OK when did a qualify for the "Ma'am"...I don't want to be a "Ma'am"...I was in the grocery store today and a young man with his young family where coming out of an aisle with their cart that I was walking past with my cart and made this BIG gesture move backwards stopping his family where they stood and said......"Oh...excuse me MA'AM"....WHAT!!! by the look on his face you would have thought I was some little helpless old lady!!!! How and when did this happen!!!!!!!

Coffee Talk Book Club!!!

We had our meeting tonight and there was such great discussion time...women bonding, laughing, crying, sharing life...I've always wanted to be part of something like this!!! Thanks ladies for opening your lives up to me and allowing me to share your journey...I am truly honored...
God thank you for each and every woman in this group. Bless their every step on this life's journey...inspire us to be all that you've created us to be...Amen

Self Talk Soul Talk Ch 7

Calm Down: I Have Stilled and Quieted My Soul:
This chapter talks about going from a cool 0 degrees to a piping hot 150 degrees in nothing flat. Which comes from some serious percolating in your closet...one good thing to do is find out what you are holding on to with all your might that is keeping you from the peace we are promised in Gods word...and laying it or them down at the merciful feet of our creator...
Here are some of my favorite quotes from Ch 7
-Our reactions reveal the temperature inside our thought closet.
-Peace is a quality that can characterize our inner world even while our outer world goes crazy.
-Control over the events of our lives is a pleasant daydream at best and a cruel fantasy at worst. Even so, we all seem ready to embrace the mirage.
-Our trust in God is inextricably linked to our peace from God.
-Peace comes when we loosen our grip and let down our guard before our heavenly Father.
-The world needs the personal peace you can bring to it.
I leave you with this prayer:
Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.
2 Thessalonians 3:16