The Harvest Table

Here it is the long awaited table...I must say it was worth the wait...we love it!!! we ordered this table from Pottery Barn back at the end of October...it took 3 weeks which was perfect it would be just in time for Thanksgiving well we received a call that the table came but 2 of the chairs died in delivery...we decided to wait to pick up the table until the chairs came in as well which would be of course another 2-3 weeks...well at least we would have it before Christmas...sure enough we recieved the call that all the pieces were in so we were off to Fresno to pick up the long awaited table...I was sooooo excited...well we got the table brought it home and Darin put it all together it was finally time to lift the table into place...the table was soooo heavy Darin had to lift my side so I could get my hand under it to lift it...we lifted sat it in place and the whole center came crashing down onto our tile in the dining area...I yelled and Darin stood there in fear that he had done something wrong...but he hadn't it turned out the table was defective...can you believe it!!! Of course Pottery Barn assured us that this had never happend before and our only option was to order another table...ugh...which of course ment another 3 weeks...on the positive they gave us 20% off for our trouble which adds up on such a high ticket item so of course we took them up on it...Our table finally came 3 weeks later and off we went once again...the broken Table neatly packed back in its box and us hoping silently that the same thing didn't happen to the new and improved table...Darin dropped me off at the front of the store and decided I should pick out some new dishes for my patients and to use up the 20% discount we received...because we would have spent the money any way of course...I was just heart broken to have to do that...Darin drove around to the pick-up in the pack of the store...after purchasing the dishes I walked around to pick-up to see 3 men hovering around the broken table, one of them being Darin...evidently the manufacturer had neglected to use the glue needed to hold the table together...as they loaded up my brand new dishes Darin and I looked over to witness one of the gentleman chucking this beautiful glueless table into the dumpster... our mouths hit the ground...we just couldn't believe it!!! We would have taken it out of the dumpster ourselves but we didn't have room in the Tahoe to transport it...well as you can see 2 1/2ish months later we have our table...and we are loving every minute of it...we need 4 more chairs but that will have to wait...


Pizza Potatoes

So Colton is the pickiest eater...he has texture issues...anyway I've been racking my brain trying to get some kind of veggie down his throat to no avail...well I ran across this recipe in my vegetarian times magazine (yes I've been a vegetarian for about a11/2 years now, all though it doesn't show in my waist line) called Getting Sneaky Pizza Potatoes...here it is...
4 medium-large baking potatoes
2 cups small broccoli florets
2 medium sized carrots, thinly sliced
1 16 oz. jar pizza sauce
1 cup grated mozzarella
1. Bake potatoes in microwave. 2. Steam vegetables in one saucepan until just tender. Drain. Put in food processor with pizza sauce; puree until very smooth. 3. Cut potatoes in half lengthwise; arrange face up in heatproof dish. Fluff with fork spoon on as much sauce as each will hold. Spread 1/8 cup cheese on each: add Microwave about 3 minutes....
Well as you can see from the picture above...it didn't go over well...he sat there for 1 hour moaning and groaning...I wanted to kill him...of course I finally gave in...And made him pizza on a hot dog bun...It turners out he didn't like the potatoes...but loved the sauce...HA-HA Colton you ate Broccoli and Carrots!!!!!


I Can't Believe It!!

Well slap my head and call me silly...My husband has started a blog!!! Check it out...It's Called, and this should come as no surprise to anyone who even knows him a little bit...Is It Football Season Yet...you can get to it from my link...I am soooo proud of ya honey...you're doin it and I know you're busier than a one legged man in a butt kickin contest...Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!



I have been soooo sick!!! Upper respiratory and sinus infection...I am much better now but man it is unbelievable how a fever can get you down...but let me just take this opportunity to say what a wonderful husband I have...he has taken care of everything since Sunday...he got the kids up and going every day made breakfast, colton's lunch, his own coffee, went to work, made sure homework was done while he made dinner, and took care of me amazingly...what a lucky girl I am... I love you honey...thank you for your love...you are a gift!!!


A cute little story...

There was a little boy who was frightened one night during a big thunderstorm. Terrified, he called out from his room, "Daddy, I am scared!"His father, not wanting to get out of bed, called back, "Don't worry, son. God loves you and will take care of you."There was a moment of silence. The little boy said, "I know God loves me, but right now, I need somebody who has skin on."
Isn't that how we feel sometimes...maybe even a lot of times...Bruce is teaching on Noah and yesterday he spoke about the storms of life...and how we will face storms but God is not surprised by our storms he isn't unable to handle our storms and a lot of times he is teaching us something that is going to make us more like him at the end of the storm...great sermon...I don't know if it's posted yet but you might want to check it out...he talks about it on his blog today too...you can link to it from mine...
Anyway I loved this story about the little boy...and it seemed so fitting after yesterdays teaching...



Recently someone made the comment to me that "musical worship is for the saved"...I agree with this comment on one level alone...yes in order to worship Christ you need to have a relationship with him but...I know through musical worship God can do many things...healing not only the body but the sole, revealing who he is in other words give understanding...and so many other things...in fact shortly after this comment was made to me and I was being weighed down by it in my thoughts I believe God dropped this little piece of manna from heaven for me in my personal time with him through a book I am reading called For The Audience Of One by Mike Pilavachi (great book I highly recommend it)...here is what he said...Over the years I have seen people change radically because they have met Jesus, fallen in love with Him and expressed that in passionate, intimate worship and in radical repentance. Some years ago at a Soul Survivor festival in England, we were in the middle of a time of musical worship, when a Young man came up and handed a knife to me and said "Please take this. I don't want it anymore I want to follow Jesus." A few minutes later another young man came up and handed me a set of brass knuckles and said the same thing. Not long after that a third young man gave me some condoms and asked me to dispose of them, as he now wanted to live for Jesus. For a while I was puzzled. I hadn't even preached yet! I had not taught that if you want to follow Jesus, you should not stab people, leave marks on their faces or have sex outside of marriage. What happened? During the worship, they met with God... Praise God!!!! Here is what I have learned so far...this statement, this view is putting God in a tiny, teeny box and you know what...we do not serve a tiny, teeny God we serve the creator of the universe the conqueror of death the all mighty healer...our God can use anything to bring people to his side and call them into relationship with him...and personally as I stand up on Sunday mornings with Gods help leading His people into His presence I will do so in confidence knowing that lives are being changed, healing is taking place, God is doing big, mighty, life changeing things in the midst of his anointed presence as we send up an offering to him...the scripture comes to me in Leviticus 9:24 when God displays his mighty power it says...Fire came out from the presence of the Lord and consumed the burnt offering and the fat portions on the altar. And when all the people saw it, they shouted for joy and fell facedown. Now that is the God I serve!!!!!!!!



I love American Idol!!!!! So far this season's auditions have not been a disappointment..." Best friends forever" is the best original piece I've heard in a long time and all though James Lewis will be singing at epic this Sunday...no one person has yet to out shine my favorite audition from season 6 thus far..lets see if I can figure out how to post it... " I Shot the Sheriff"!!!


Foggy day Schedule

OK...so I have another one...you know you're in Hanford when...your kids are on foggy day schedule...you've heard of snow days...well we have foggy days...Colton's bus stop is directly across the street from our house...very convenient, I love it...anyway when I sent him across the street to the bus stop this morning, 1 1/2 hours later than usual because of foggy day schedule, he vanished, I could not see my son...isn't that scary...yes we had 0 visibility this morning...and driving Brit to school was a nightmare...but all is well in the Parson house this evening and we are waiting to see if tomorrow will bring us...yes you've got it... another Foggy day...


I Love Epic!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love epic...getting there early on Sunday mornings visiting with my fellow setter-uppers, setting up curtains, tables, eating the food, visiting, lighting the candles,visiting and that's just the beginning we haven't even gotten to the good stuff...the count down hits 00:00 worship starts and doesn't stop until the last cart is loaded up onto the trailer...how lucky am !!!!! Thank you God for epic...Our web site has our worship gatherings on line now if you want to take a listen here's the site... www.epichanford.org Check out the Christmas Eve pictures in the gallery I love the vision God gave us for Christmas this year He is so awesome isn't He...............


What's happening with Darin and me????

Well lets see were do I begin? We love it here in Hanford we say all the time that we are so glad God called us to a place that is such a great fit for our family...Darin is making some big changes...this was his last season of coaching football after 19 years...can you believe it? He is finishing up his administrative credential and masters degree in May and will be going into administration next school year...as for me I don't work...well I kind of do if you can call getting paid for chatting with my friends for 2 hours a day working...I do "work" for 2 hours a day as a cashier in the cafeteria at JFK middle school while the kids are at school...we are both loving being apart of epic...me with worship,creative team, set-up/tear-down etc...and Darin being announcement guy and janitor and lots of other stuff...we have a life group that meets at our house every Monday of about 14 adults and 8 or so kids...we have gotten too big and we are excited that we will be birthing a new life group out of this one very soon...The latest news for us is God calling us into a new ministry at epic. Darin and I will be starting epic's middle school ministry beginning in March...God had been stirring in both of us for quite some time and as we prayed about it mulled through it together for a couple of months we finally went to Bruce about it...he joined us in prayer and here we are...we are very excited and are really looking forward to this new journey God is taking us on...it is a journey isn't it...who would of thought?


Wow!!!! Thanks for all of your comments...I feel loved!!!!!
Well you know you're in Hanford when........you're buying your daughter a pig in February...yes I said a pig. Brittani has joined the 4-H program here most recently...no I don't know what the 4 H's stand for...and she is going to be showing swine...how do you show swine you say...well I'm not sure exactly...it goes something like this...there is a big circle all the kids stand in a pin with their pig...the gate flies open and they all come running out into the circle...the kids have these sticks that they gently tap the pig with to make them cooperate and go where they tell them too...all this is going on while the judges are saying a bunch of stuff I completely do not understand...then you sell the pig and it's over...now if my friend Paul reads this I'm sure he will tell me I have this all wrong...but this is how I understand it as of yet...of course we had to explain to Brittani that this isn't Charlotte's web you are not naming the pig Wilbur and he will be sold and probably eaten at the end of all this...she assures us she understands this pig is not a pet and she'll be fine...I'm sure there will be many happenings I'll be able to share as the adventure unfolds...oh Lord help us.


Lets catch up...

Starting with the kids...Brittani is 13 and in 8th grade...how in the world has this happened. It seems like just yesterday when she was looking up at me with those big brown eyes waiting for my help with everything...Now she is striving for Independence blazing her own trail and rolling her eyes at me...ALOT!!! Isn't she beautiful...Then there is Colton 8 and all boy...he still needs me and he's not afraid to admit it...I hold my breath every time he says "mom I'm not sure about something" Lord only knows what's going to come flying out of that cute little mouth...

I did it!!!

Well here I am...I finally joined the wonderful world of blogging!!!! I'm not sure if anyone will ever read this except my self but man this is fun...and I have fun talking to my self anyway.