Depends aren't just for old people...

Let me just say this is going to be a TMI post sooo...if you are not a TMI person STOP!!! Read no further!!!

Remember this post

Passing Gas and the Treadmill...BAD!!!

back when I was on a mission and weighed 30 lbs less....ugh...

Anywho...today my allergies are severely OUT OF CONTROL!!!!! Lets just say I'm thankful I didn't eat a fiber one bar today.......however something terrible happens to a woman after childbirth. I'm sure it doesn't help that I have 60 extra "Libby's" as Sue Silvester would say(lbs) smashing my bladder into a pancake but man...no joke I think I have sneezed at least 300 times today if not more...so I'm at work driving the whole office crazy the poor things said God bless you a gazillion times before I relieved them the over whelming burden of politeness!! Ya you got it...What I wouldn't have done for some geriatric goodness that resembled underwear reaching to my bra that held about 5 8 oz glasses of that blue liquid...oh Lord help me!!!!

Gracious Uncertainty...

This is the title of me reading yesterday...I love this perspective. It read like this:

Our natural inclination is to be so precise to try always to forecast accurately what will happen next that we look upon uncertainty as a bad thing. We think that we must reach some predetermined goal, but that is not the nature of the spiritual life. The nature of the spiritual life is that we are certain in our uncertainty. Consequently, we do not put down roots. Our common sense says, "Well, what if I were in that circumstance?" We cannot presume to see ourselves in any circumstance in which we have never been. Certainty is the mark of the commonsense life GRACIOUS UNCERTAINTY IS THE MARK OF THE SPIRITUAL LIFE.

It goes on to say:

The spiritual life is a life of a child...

when we have the right relationship with God, life is full of spontaneous joyful uncertainty and expectancy.

While I was reading this yesterday I was thinking about how our children have to live in uncertainty all the time. I specifically thought of Colton, since Brittani is getting older she has more of an opinion about where we go and what we do.Although this applies to her as well. How many time in a day, a week, a month, a year do my kids have to adjust to change. Changes that their dad and I bring. Where we eat, where we go, how we do things., what we do. Sometimes they like it sometimes they don't. Sometimes we give them a choice sometimes we don't, and some times we can't. However the outcome is always the same no matter the joy or the fight. They WILL go or do. How many times in actuality do they just blindly go along..tra la la...just trusting that we are always doing what is best for them. They have faith that we know what we are doing and we know how it should be done and so when change comes, or the unexpected comes they move and change, shift and conform without even thinking with out hesitation.

The Spiritual life is the life of a child...

yes I believe it is.


My New Job...

The Title: Administrative Assistant for the Koinonia Christian Fellowship Worship Department

Now that is a mouth full...

I really enjoy my new job. I started on Feb. 16 and I'm glad that things are feeling a little more old hat-ish. It's kind of interesting I have fallen into this position at our very NEW church where we still haven't truly connected with many people maybe even any people if I'm really honest. When I say connect I guess I mean build relationships that are beyond small talk. It's like learning from the inside out. In the belly of the beast. I really like everyone and they seem to like me. I'm only there tues - fri 8:15am-2:00pm I actually go in late on Wednesday. Brit and I go to breakfast every Wed which is her late day for school. We started doing that this year and I hated to give it up. Luckily my new boss is very flexible with my schedule, within reason of course, and Brit and I are able to continue our weekly date. I don't take a lunch so I can get off at 2:00pm and it works out pretty well. I've had a hard time getting my life organized but really what's new. I feel this overwhelming need to simplify my life but I'm not sure what that looks like. So far I have cleaned out my closet got rid of a BUNCH of stuff that most people would consider clutter. I think the kitchen is next. If I don't use it it's going. I'm tired of looking at it, dealing with it and moving it around to make room for the stuff I actually use.


The 5 lb Challenge

I got this idea from my friend Lori's Blog and thought it was such a GREAT idea I'm going to do it too!! So here is the jest of it...I am on a mission to loose this fluffy ooy gooy layer I've acquired over...well...lets not go there...lets just say it's been a long time since I've seen a hip bone...anywho...I, like Lori, am going to try and loose 5 lbs a month...and at the end of each month let you know how much a gained or lost!!! If you have an extra 5 lbs or more to loose join me!! I would love the encouragement!!! So at the end of May I'll be checking back with all of you and seeing how things weigh in...and if I seem to forget...feel free to remind me...

Monday Prayer...

Praying for you today...leave your requests or thoughts...


Monday Prayer...

Praying for you today...please leave your specific request if you have one...
much love,


Monday Prayer...

I will take sickness away from you. The number of your days I will fulfill (Exodus 23:25-26)
I am the Lord who heals you. (Exodus 15:26)
He was wounded for our transgressions and with his stripes we are healed.(Isaiah 53:5)
Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)

Praying these scriptures over you today. If you have a specific prayer need. feel free to leave it here...



one of the small, brownish spots on the skin that are caused by deposition of pigment and that increase in number and darken on exposure to sunlight.


Draw Me Close To You...

I sat down at the piano this week and began singing this song...it is resonating in me as an anthem for my life. This is my prayer...B


A Hard Time Blogging

I have had such a hard time blogging for so long! As I've thought about this I can pin point when this started. It started almost a year ago when we left Epic church. I stopped intentionally at first because I didn't feel as though I could be transparent. I was going through such a difficult time spiritually and emotionally I didn't really trust my self if I had to have a filter. If that makes any sense at all. Now that it has been almost a year, which I can hardly believe. The healing process continues. God has definitely spoken clearly to me concerning where I was in His complete will and where I was in my own. Growing through it has been painful, frustrating, emotional, difficult, healing, transforming and I do believe I am learning more about my Lord walking through it ALL. I guess I'm writing all of this because I'm at the point in my journey where I have an extreme desire to share my life again and my walk with my God. Me just fleshing out this God journey the good and the not so good. The laughing and the crying , stomping, yelling, screaming, hysterical, adventure that is this life. I'm not sure if I have any readers any more but even if it's just me and God that works for me.