this weeks weigh in

okay so I"m supposed to be weighing in on Tuesdays but haven't been. I got up today with a new determination and decided I would bite the bullet! I weighed in and have gained 2 lbs!!! I must say I'm not surprised. I haven't been sticking to the weight watchers plan at all... I stopped tracking my points and drinking water and blah blah blah.

So today I am picking up my boot straps on the boot that I can't wear because they give my legs muffin top, putting my head down and pressing forward!

Here's to not giving up! You can do it old gal you can do it!


feeling better

yes I'm feeling better today... I think it helps when eyes roll like bowling balls and looks that could kill get hurled at me!

we are getting away as a family for the next few days and that helps too :) it was between vegas and the happiest place on earth and we decided on the second. we will be members of the passport community again and i cant wait!!!! We LOVE disneyland in every season and I'm so glad we will be able to go when ever we want!!! Fall/Halloween's my favorite but I love Christmas too!!! I am sooo happy!!!


heart pangs...

I can't believe it is starting to happen already!!! I have entered the doldrums of "oh my gosh my baby is going to be a senior this year". My throat is tight, it's hard to swallow even as we speak... sigh     I'm not sure where this will go and how deep it will run but I have a feeling you will be hearing about it. What do I need to teach? What do I need to say? Oh my baby my heart aches my eyes are like sprinklers... I miss you already.


chub rub... just say no...

Have you ever heard of "chub rub"??? If you haven't heard of it I'm sure my more voluptuous readers have had it. It's that god awful thing that happens between your thighs when you neglect to place some kind of  fabric between them in the hot dank heat of summer... preferably not nylon it's been known to start fires!!! I LOVE the name "chub rub" I follow a blog called "pearmama's world" that I love, love, love and this is where I first laughed my booty off concerning this name on this topic!! Read it I guaranty you will laugh too!!

So anywho just wanted to give a shout out to my short pants!!! As I sat in the blistering heat this weekend at yet another baseball tournament, that we were undefeated in and took the championship for, I thought back to the days of chub rub and looked down at my shorts and thought... thank you shorts your the bomb diggidy! I finally found it!! Happiness in my heart for my short pants... sigh


down time in ventura...

it was great having some down time with the kids! we love ventura great little town...

time with grandma...

it was a wonderful surprise for my grandmother when we walked up unexpectedly!! priceless here  are some picture with her, my uncle Art one of the triplets that my grandmother had and his wife Anna... of course mom and dad too!!

me and my grandma Margaret... can you believe she is 81???

great food

art me and anna

dad and his bro