5 lb Challenge!!!

So it is finally the end of the month and I must say I wasn't really in complete diet mode...however I managed to get rid of 5 lbs!!! This month I am planning to be more intentional in my weight loss so I'm upping the poundage to 8 lbs...wish me luck!!


My Baby Boy's Birthday...

Today is "Little Man's" birthday...He is 11 years old!! It really amazes me how time goes and goes...this morning he woke up to one of his favorite breakfasts...Donuts...along with a big pink box of 36 donuts to take for his class, his suggestion. He was soooo happy marching off with that box of donuts...no he didn't need, want, or ask for my help...he turned around with a mischief in his eyes and a smile on his face then he was gone...I thought of a mommy I know that lost her child so very recently and I told my self treasure it girl...this is the life you asked for don't let it pass you by without enjoying these moments...these precious, irreplaceable moments.

Happy Birthday my Baby Boy!!!

I love you with my entire heart and sole...



What an Amazing Story!!!

I just wanted to share this incredible story of Gods faithfulness and share a story of his never ending healing power!!!!!

Monday Prayer...

Mathew 13:31-32
He told them another parable: "The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. 32Though it is the smallest of all your seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and perch in its branches."

This parable reminds me of yesterdays baptism service...all those beautiful seeds that were planted that are growing and will grow and grow...

I pray that we all plant our mustard seeds in ourselves and all around us...lets remember that something small can grow and grow into something so vast and glorious...

Praying for you today...as always leave your thoughts or requests...



I started an on-line book club!!!

Hello!!! Just a quick FYI...I started a book club blog!!! Here is the link...join us we would love to have you!!!!!!!

Reading is Cool Book Club


Oh I just had to!!!!!!

I L-O-V-E this blog...OMGosh!!! I laughed so hard I'm sure Darin is like...she must be reading "that" blog again!! Here is the link to "Hello World"...Read it and weep of laughter!!!

Too Long!

Today was the first time in 4 weeks that I was able to go to church. The first week I was sick, the second week I traveled to my nieces baby shower and last week we traveled to my nephews wedding...Boy I have truly missed it. Today was a special day we had 40 people, children and adults get baptized this morning. WOW!! Is God just amazing or what. I know I've talked in the past about how much I love baptism services. My heart just swells to overflowing as I watch. This morning the church played a short video of each person being baptized each one answering the question why have you decided to be baptized. I absolutely loved this!!! To catch a glimpse of each thankful heart and how God has become so real in each individuals life. What an incredible blessing to be a part of such a service. God is still moving, changing lives, bringing hope to the hopeless and rest to the weary...How Great is our God!!!!!!!



I love a great pair of lips and lipstick!!! So if you have lips like these and I'm staring at your lips while you're talking to me NO I'm not about to kiss you I'm just admiring your Kisser!!!