Matters of the Heart 3

My Stress Test was rescheduled for this morning at 8am. No caffeine for 12 hours before and my little paper of directions says it can take 2-3 hours! My caffeine headache is going to be scream'n when I walk out of that place! I'll get my fix at SB on my way home. That is such a long time! Not sure what to expect but I do know a treadmill is involved. Maybe I'll be able to sneak a couple of pics. If I do I'll share them with you ;)

Talk to you soon!


My Holy Roller Life: The beginnig

I was born in 1970 to Jim and Bonnie.  On my birth certificate for occupation under my father's name says "Musician" place of employment? The Copa Room in Long Beach California. I laughed when I read that. Yes my dad was a musician and my mom was a singer in the band. For 3 entire years I lived my life as a "flower child". Jim and Bonnie didn't believe they needed a piece of paper to dictate that their love would last forever (stated with dramatic flare). Did I fail to mention? Jim and Bonnie were incense burn'n, funny cigarette love'n hippies, that took showers because my dad is a body cleanliness freak!

While Jim and Bonnie were out in the cover of night scratch'n a living at the club. I was at my caregiver's (babysitter) apartment living a cherished life full of love, bockers (bottles) and the whispers of Jesus being planted in my soul...

stay tuned


Monday Prayer is Back!

Galatians 6:2 (nkjv)
Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. 
Monday Prayer is back!!!
I will be setting aside time every Monday to pray for you. Please feel free to leave any requests you may have here in the comments section, on facebook or private message me.
Praying for you today...


Matters of the Heart Update...

Yesterdays tests seamed to go well. I had an ultrasound done of my heart which was actually pretty amazing to watch! I was telling Brittani after watching that amazing organ pumping away it seams we should be obligated to learn how it works! It looked so vulnerable as it danced around in my body!

I also had the test where they check the blood flow to my arms and legs... this one was a little concerning to me. Of course the tech says nothing to help you feel one way or the other. But... I haven't heard anything so I'm thinking that no news is good news? Here is my concern. For the test they place one of those blood pressure things on both arms and both ankles. Then you lay down and they place some kind of mic thing that amplifies your pulse on a machine. So you can hear it, kinda like when you listen to your babies heartbeat. Anyhow, she starts with my right arm no problem! We hear my pulse thump'n away. She moves to my right ankle and nothing,,, she moves the mic around quite a bit and nothing! She moves the mic to the top of my ankle nothing! Finally she moves back to the inside of my angle and finds a very faint pulse. As the pressure increase the thumping got a little stronger sounding. She moved on to the left ankle strong pulse! Left arm strong pulse! So there you have it... a little concerning huh? But like I said I haven't heard anything... so???

My next test is on 3/28 I'll keep you posted and thank you so much for your prayers!!!! Keep'um come'n

Mucho Love!



Matters of the Heart

Long story short... I have type 2 diabetes along with tons of other Americans so I've heard. Currently my Dr. and I are in the process of getting my sugar levels under control. However, as my blood sugar levels have been running very high for quite some time we have been checking my organs making sure all is well. During the last year I have had heart palpitations and random shooting chest pane and tingling in my arms so... I was referred to a cardiologist. I've already gone for my first appointment and the Dr. found my heart to be slightly enlarged with a murmur and wanted to run more tests to make sure I don't have any clogged arteries. I have been assured by many that a murmur isn't all that serious and I could have had it all my life. Of course I'm probably fine but there is that small percent of my mind that is concerned and even though I'm laying my worry down in prayer every day, sometimes minute by minute, it wares a little on the soul.

Tomorrow at 9am begins a series of 4 tests through the end of this month that I'm hoping will result in peace of mind that all is well with this old girl. I will also be having my 46th birthday in the middle of all these tests which for some reason with all that's going on makes me feel very old. I'm supposing  this makes sense since, after all, it is the oldest I've ever been  lol!

It feels good to admit that this is going on! There's some kind of crazy thing that is able to go on in the mind when you keep these things inside as secrets. So... I'd like to say prayers are so very welcome and appreciated!

I'll keep you posted.


The Armor of God Study

I am currently doing this Armor of God study by Priscilla Shirer... I highly recommend it! To be honest it's kinda kick'n my butt. However, as I journey through it's exactly what I need. This week I'm studying the Belt Of Truth or should I say girding myself with truth! Truth is God's opinion on EVERYTHING! Am I living a life that runs every decision under the light of God's truth/the Bible. Well... I'm working on it! Here's to girding myself in truth one day at a time! Love you God thanks for meeting me today...xo



Our Summer Adventure!!!

My friend and co-worker Amy and I will be running a Preschool Summer Program out of my home called "Summer Adventure". I am so excited about this! We have 9 kids registered and can't wait! I am currently in the process of getting licensed for a Large Home Childcare. 

We have planned a really fun summer for the kids. From music and story time with "Grandma Hummingbird", pastel art with Mr. Flores, to learning sign language with special guest Mrs. Gaye! We have super fun themes planned like The Very Hungry Caterpillar/In the Garden, Superheros, Stars and Stripes Land of the Free, even a bible lesson every day learning the 9 Fruits of the Spirit. One each week found in Galatians 5:22. And of course we'll be reviewing our ABC's and 123's. We will run from May 30 - July 29! Wrapping up with a fun BBQ and backyard drive in movie for all of our families! 

I will share some pictures of what we've been doing around the house to get ready for our big Summer Adventure soon!



Life Update...

I forgot how much I love working with preschoolers! I am really enjoying the time I get to spend with the kids at Future Hope Preschool! I've been learning so much from the ladies I get to work with. Such a blessing.

I quit school... college life was hard and frustrating. I'm still working on not feeling like a failure but the fact remains I quit school and so far don't plan on going back any time soon if at all.

I'm back on the worship team! That's exciting! I'm getting back on the horse this Friday. I am leading worship for our Good Friday Service at Koinonia Church. I am so honored to be doing so. If you aren't already attending somewhere we would love to have you! It is a very touching intimate and creative service. A reflection of what our beautiful Savior went through for each of us on the cross. The service is 1 hour and starts at 7pm. kchanford,com

I am VERY excited about my summer plans! I will share them with you soon