Family and Friends!!!

What a GREAT weekend!!!!! My mom and dad...and Dave and Sharon came bouncing through the door on Friday with a SECRET!!! About 1 hr or less after their arrival Dave and Sharon's Daughter Michelle and her husband Tim and their two beautiful daughters Chandler and Regan knocked on our front door!!! I thought it was going to be kids selling something and how dare they interrupt my long awaited visit...totally surprised to see the four of them standing there when I opened the door!!!! What a great surprise!!! Thank you all for loving our family...we love and miss you sooo much...God always knows what we need and I'm so thankful He brought you to us this weekend...oxoxoxoxox


Coffee Talk Chit Chat...Unshaken Ch. 1

Hey! well I'm a day late...but I think it's better this way...then I'm coming at you with a well rounded discussion of the book since we already had our meeting last night!!!
I LOVE the story of Ruth...what do I love about it? The commitment, loyalty, unconditional love the relationship that Naomi and Ruth had...and Ruth's relationship with God and how he nurtured that relationship making Him self more and more real to her...I love Ruth's insight and capability to see truth and look around her and see that material things and other idols and gods, all that she ever had known...don't complete you...that only the one and true God could do that...and Ruth's willingness to leave all that she ever was for our God and this precious woman Naomi...
And that's just the first Chapter...I've heard the next Chapter is even better from one of the girls who went a little too far in the book...you know who you are :) I'm really looking forward to it!!! Until next time...


Fun Weekend

Well I'm looking forward to a great weekend...My In-laws are coming this afternoon...they will be here until tomorrow morning...they are coming to celebrate Colton's B-day with him (which is monday) we will be going to dinner (well I'll be going to book club and catching up with them at the game) and then to Colton's baseball game and having a little bday cake after...and then tomorrow afternoon my mom and dad and Dave and Sharon will be coming to visit with us until Sunday afternoon!!! Colton's little Bday party is Saturday (we are taking him to the Angels game next weekend for his bday present from us)...I can't believe he is going to be 10 double digits!!!! It's all about Colton this weekend and he is loving that...of course who wouldn't!! You know whats really cool too...my mom and dad will be singing and playing with me and Rhonda on the worship team Sunday!!!! Oh how I miss singing with them...thanks God for so many blessings this weekend...You are so good to me...oxoxoxo...amen
Now to get my house clean...ugh


Off and Running

Well I'm off and running again trying to keep up with my life...but just had to write a quick post to let you all know that Brittani got bumped up to Varsity this week as a flyer!! She is soooo excited and her confidence is through the roof...Thank you Lord for blessing Brit...


I LOVE this picture...I got it from this blog that I also love!!! If you are looking for inspiration and a real picture of Christ here on earth I highly recommend taking a look...this couple sold everything they had and moved to South Africa to be Christ's hands extended...WOW...I can't even remember how I found this blog but I know that My God had something to do with it...most of the time it brings me to my knees, changes my perspective and reminds me what is truly important...here is one of the stories that has moved me most may the Lord use it to touch your life as he did to touch mine...

Colton's Hero Essay

This is just as Colton turned it in...his final instructions for a week long process were to type out his essay and email it to his teacher...this is what he wrote...
Colton Parson

My Hero

My dad has had some great adventures in his life. Like being a football coach, graduating from college, and having KIDS! My dad’s name is Clark Darin Parson. He is my dad, and so compassionate, humble, and wise.
My dad is the most compassionate person I know. He congratulates me for how well I throw the ball. He congratulates me when I do well on tests. He congratulates me on how I get better in baseball.
For as long as I can remember, my dad has been so humble. He doesn’t brag about his job. He doesn’t brag about how much money he has. He doesn’t brag about what he accomplishes quickly.
Lastly, I admire my dad because he is incredibly wise. My dad is wise with his words because he thinks about what he is going to say before he speaks. He is wise with his actions because he does not do drugs. My dad is wise with the choices he makes.
These are the reasons why my dad is so compassionate, humble, and wise. I’m so glad that my dad is my dad because he works hard and he loves my family. I hope that I will be like my dad. For example, I want to have a family that’s for sure.
Matthew 7:7-8
7"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.
As I ponder this scripture this morning I'm left wondering...am I asking...am I seeking...am I knocking...how much am I truly desiring God's presence in my life? I'm feeling an old familiar stirring in my soul and it is good...I find when I get into the place of not putting God first in my life I begin to get glimpses of the memory of what that feels like...which is an unveiling of my heart condition...I can either ignore it and move forward in my self consumption or embrace God as he tugs at my heart reminding me that He is here and He misses me...HE misses me...why I do not know...but this day...I will embrace Him throw myself into His arms and thank Him for loving me...for pursuing me...for desiring me to sit at his feet...thank you God...I love you so and I am sorry...please forgive me...I turn my face toward you and press in...amen


Coffee Talk Book Club!!!

Well it's that time again!!! Here is our book:

Unshaken by Francine Rivers...the story of Ruth!!! I love that story...Its 5 chapters 144 pages. We will read chapter one this week and talk about where we will go from there when we meet...I'm soooo excited to be back with you girls...I've missed you and all you bring to my life...I'll be keeping up with the book here on my blog as well...soooo...as usual if any of you would like to join us here that can't in person...we would love to have you!!! Can't wait to get started!!!