what's been going on?


What's been going on....

I have been in the play "A Christmas  Carol"... Meeting fabulous people and learning a lot! Not sure if I'm cut out for theater? Still figuring that one out. I get to wear an amazing dress that my friend Kim, also a producer of the show, made me. She is wonderful in so many ways... love that girl!

Brittani is wrapping up her first semester in College... I'm afraid this is going by faster than I would like.

Colton is still loving on me in public and I don't hate that! Love that kid

Mom and dad are still settling into Hanford... mom's homesick but happy to be here. It's a bag of mixed emotions. I on the other hand feel like a cloud has been lifted! Having family here with us has been good for my soul!!!!

Still contemplating my place in the world, asking God what I should be doing, what is His purpose and hoping I'm getting it right.

Dreaming of opening a storefront called "This and That" a small vintage shop with handmade expressions, story time on Saturday's with Grandma Humming bird, hammered dulcimer playing in the pack ground... people stopping in to see what's new and loving what they find... What a wonderful daydream...

Oh how could I forget about "big daddy". He's still plugg'n away through his first year as principal... finding balance and being more successful than he realizes. I'm very proud of him!