Chapter 1 verses 5-8 (1:5-8)

Brandi! If you lack wisdom, You should ask God, who gives generously to you without finding fault, and it will be given to you. But when you ask you must believe and not doubt, because if you doubt you will be like a wave of the sea, blown tossed by the wind. Brandi if you doubt you should not think you will receive anything from the Lord, your a double minded woman, unstable in all you do.
What is wisdom: the ability to make wise decisions in difficult circumstance...
Do not make any decisions before you ask for Gods wisdom and don't be surprised if you have to wait...if you have to be "patient" and have "perseverance" to get to Gods wisdom...and don't expect it to look like the world because it wont...and don't kid your self our God who gives generously to ALL...means you...and when you make decisions in the dark it's because you have chosen to not because God was bogarting the wisdom!
But!! I see here there is a stipulation a prerequisite I should say found in verse 6... when I ask I must believe and not doubt...why? Because doubt is like an ocean wave blown and tossed by the wind...by what ever influence, opinion,trend etc... comes along...
What is the truth you are living then? What happens if your life decisions are made with doubt in the mix with out Gods wisdom...it can seriously affect the people around you your wife/husband, children, friends...your circle of influence...you will not be able to be trusted by the choices that you make...you say one thing but mean another or do another...you don't walk your talk...not a fun place to be...
I'll take Gods "unpopular" wisdom thank you very much!!!
Lord help me to remember to ask for your wisdom in all that I do...amen


Still Catching up!

Went to Capitola Beach with my girls from work!! Had a Great time...these are the condos we stayed in...so quaintbeautiful views every where we lookedviews from our balconyRoxy and Barb in front of our placeThis was a great place to say...I definitely want to go back with the fam
Thanks girls for a wonderful time...love you

Catching up!!!

4th of July was spent at the Gillum's house...we had a great time...thanks guys for making life so fun...of course all the BIG boys took turns lighting fireworks...I think the kids enjoyed Brian's best...let me just say...he had a sling shot!!!!Amy me and Jen...love ya girls...hello can one of you color my roots please!!!!Paul's mom and dad joined in the fun too!!!

We went to Disneyland!!!

Brit was getting tired of pictures...can you tell...oh the look of a teenager!!! Oh how true that is... We took Colton to ESPN Zone too!!! He loved that...so did Dad...it really was a great day!!!



James 1:4
Perseverance must finish its work so that Brandi may be mature and complete not lacking anything.

Soooo I guess that means we will never stop going through the tests of trials or faith...since I have to be mature and complete not lacking in anything...that isn't going to happen until I'm in heaven with God...ugh...well it's funny that I just so happen to be studying James...I failed a trial today I failed my chance to be Christ like in patience and with my words and heart...I AM A FAILURE...I have a big L in the middle of my forehead....and as I read the life application part of James 1:4 I feel even worse...it says this: It is easy to be kind to others when everything is going well, but can we still be kind when others are treating us unfairly? Me not so much...I guess I can look forward to many more opportunities to mature and grow in this area...great...for today I am asking forgiveness and praying for God to change my heart because I just can't get there on my own...but that doesn't come as a big surprise to Him...
Lord change my heart...amen


Jumping in!

I'm jumping into James!!! Anyone want to come??? James is a love hate relationship for me...It is one of my favorite books of the bible so I mostly love it...but man it sure does smack me between the eyes EVERY time I read it...so I guess I'm saying I feel like getting smacked around...
I will be studying out of my Life Application Bible...I love my Life Application Bible...I think it's because it's kinda like a Bible book club...it helps me look at what I've read in different ways...anywho...there is something I will be doing as I read the scripture that my pastor growing up, Pastor Chuck, taught me that has helped make scripture real for me...it is putting my name into the scripture as I read it...I will be doing this from time to time maybe even all the time...so don't get worried I'm not re-writing the Word...just helping my self apply it and see me in it a little easier...you should try it and see how it works for you...also join in the conversation if you would like...I would love to hear your thoughts...if you don't know how to respond on comments it's super easy...you just click on comments, then click on anonymous and write your comment in the box and send...just don't forget to sign your name or I wont know who you are...
James 1:1-3
1To Brandi (the twelve tribes scattered among the nations) Greetings. 2 consider it pure joy, Brandi (my brothers), whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that
the testing of your faith develops perseverance. (niv)
The testing of my faith develops perseverance...
When do we talk about perseverance? Not when things are good...but...when things in our lives are difficult. Why or how do the trials in my life or the testing of my faith build perseverence( patience, steadfastness)? Is it the more you survive the more perseverence you have during the next difficulty in your life? Ya I think so but I also believe it's the journey...everything in the middle of the trial or difficult time...the in between...the process...all the ways God teaches us He is in complete control of our lives...and it gives the opportunity for us to see and experience the truth of Gods word. That we can stand on it...count on it...believe in it...be thankful for it...and our lives will share it with all the people God has strategically place in them...
When I read this from my experiences in life...I often read it thinking like this...the testing of my faith develops more faith...faith that I will persevere through Christ alone...faith to know as I'm patient God ALWAYS has something to teach me and He always comes through on the other side of my circumstance...and faith to stand steadfast because our God will never leave me or forsake me and He has purpose in all that He allows to happen in my life...