Big Daddy and Lil Man!

My boys start school today! Kick'n booty and taken names! I can hardly believe this is Darin's 4th year as principal! I REALLY can't believe that Colton is a Junior this year!!! Here's to enjoying every moment and to making superb, fabulous, BIG, creative, adventurous memories! KILL IT  BOYS!!!


It's Never Too Late!

It's Never too late to go back to school! Yep I'm heading back to school! This coming Monday West Hill has a new more mature (which I like to refer to as fine wine) student. I'm very excited and pretty nervous. It's been a very long time! Some of you may not know that I taught preschool for 5+ years. I love working with children. I started hammering away at Early Childhood classes when Brit was very young and stopped when I had enough classes under my belt to teach preschool. Needless to say life happens and here I am today with two kids that have become very independent and a very busy hubby! It feels like a great time for me to do something that I really didn't think I'd ever have the time to do and get my degree. So with a full family cheering section I start my adventure!
And that's not all!!!!
I have also been offered a full time preschool teaching position at "Future Hope" preschool starting this fall! Talk about blessed!

I am so looking forward to what's ahead! Wish me luck and prayers welcome ;)


My Last Week...

This Friday is my last day working as the Children's Ministry Admin Assistant at Koinonia Church! I've worked at Koinonia Church for the last 6 years. First I was with Sandy Childress as her Admin Assistant for the Worship Department. When she left Koinonia I was asked to co-lead the Worship Department.  This was an amazing and difficult Spiritual journey where God revealed many things about myself, good and bad. Growing pains galore! When that season ended I moved to the front of the office as the receptionist.  My final in office position is ending in the Children's Ministry Department where I've served for the last 2 years. In many ways this position has brought me to this change by rekindling my love and passion for working with children. What an honor and privilege it has been to be a part of such an amazing strong arm for our Mighty God! I absolutely LOVE the Koinonia staff they have played an important role in my life over these past 6 years. I am going to miss seeing them and working along side them stretching and reaching for God's perfect will for His people at Koinonia Church. Love you guys and will continuously lift you up.

What's next???

To be continued...



Moving Forward Looking Back

Change is coming and I think I'm going to want to write about it along the way. I'm going back to my very first blog spot "Curly's Ponderings". It's where I feel most at home with original thoughts and ideals. Life stops for know one. Looking back on this blog and looking at my life in little snap shots has been fun. I'm not sure if anyone will read it but I guess that's besides the point. I just need a place to be... a place to express myself and to share whatever it is I feel like sharing.

As I said before change is on the horizon and I plan to write about it here along with my other thoughts and adventures.

Until next time...