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Heart of the Artist

Ch 8
Leading Artists:
I’ve served under many different temperaments of leaders of worship…from being traumatized by a leader who banged on his piano keys as hard as he could while throwing a fit and yelling at the top of his lungs in frustration…to another with sarcasm that cut so deeply I’m sure people are still licking their wounds…to the non confrontational leader who knows the whole group is suffering because a cancer is growing in the group and cant find the courage to speak up...leaders that have helped shape my gifts, empowered me and encouraged me...I could go on and on…but all of these people have had one thing in common talent and giftedness in the arts and in leading worship…I learned many things from every single one of them…as I found my self responsible for leading all my experience in dealing with leadership on the receiving end until now even reading this chapter in this book has and is helping shape me into the kind of leader God is calling me to be…and I’m thankful for that…being a leader of people is no easy task…but as our ultimate leader says…all things are possible as long as we are doing it through Him and His strength not our own...weather your the leader or the one being lead...
Thank you Lord for Your promises.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!


Santa's Secret Shop!!!

Hello everybody!!!
I wanted to present you all with the opportunity to be a part of a super, fantastic, groovy, rad, tight, sick…idea that God gave this great group of girls I’m apart of called “Reach”…we are “Reaching” out to the women’s shelter in our local community…It is a shelter for women and their children who are homeless…with Gods help we are providing them with a Santa’s Secret Shop…this will be a place where the children as well as the moms in the shelter can shop for each other for Christmas without any cost to them…we are making stockings for them to fill for each other…this is where you come in…we need stocking stuffers!!! If you can believe it there are 14 children…and 4 mommies!!! Here is the break down…
5 Boys a 10 yr old , 8 yr old, 7 yr old, 1 yr old and a 7 month old
9 Girls a 5 yr old, 4 yr old, 3 yr old, (4) 2 yr olds, a 1 yr old, and a 1 month old
and 4 mommies...we can't forget them!!!
Anything that can fit in a stocking will work!! We are making the stockings out of fleece so they will have quite a hefty stretch to them so they can stuff them full!! We are also accepting gently used items like toys and books so if you plan on cleaning out your kids rooms to make room for this years Christmas gifts you now have a place to give them…yay!!! You can deliver them to my house any time between now and December 15th or we can even come and pick them up!!!
Thanks you for helping us be Christ’s hand extended…you ROCK!!!

Monday Prayer

Lord...Give us the desire to know you more...stir a passion in us for Your self Father...amen

Praying for you today...feel free to leave your requests, name, what ever you feel...


picture day with Jen!!!!

Today was a great day off!! We had a family photo shoot with Jen today...I think these will be my most favorite family portraits ever!!! It was a perfect day for what we were going for so Jen called me up and said lets do it!! The weather was over cast and ominus...perfect...I've had this image I've wanted to create for some time now with the family for a huge picture I want to place on the wall of the entry way just above the window table my husband helped me make!!! with an old beat up wood maybe barn wood frame to put it in...so...it is a picture of Colton Brittani me and Darin out in the middle of a field holding hands kinda spread apart all of us looking in different directions next to a really big character filled old dead tree...with Colton closest to the tree kind reaching out to it...brit next...then me then darin...all of us in black shirts with jeans...and the picture in black and white...don't ask me where these thoughts come from...there just stuffed in this head of mine...bits and pieces of different things I've seen with a little Brandi mixed in...anywho we found the tree better than I saw in my head in the middle of an old field all by its self right here in little old Hanford!!!!! Can you believe it??? Well...thanks to my very artistic personal photographer...I think we got it along with bunches of other cool shots!!! I am sooooo excited to see the results!!! Thanks Jen...I know they'll be great!!!!!!!!!
btw I took that picture of jen don't hold it against her...I love it though!!!

Heart of the Artist Ch 7

Heart of the Artist Ch. 7
It’s funny…I have felt like I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster for about a year now…I’m not sure what that means…maybe I have much to learn??? Yes I’m sure that’s it…I’ve learned a lot in this past year through some success and failure in controlling my emotions…but I’m learning not to let my emotional state dictate my responses to people or even myself…I’m trying to line my actions up with the bible and trust that is the most effective way to approach each circumstance…but…I’ve had the hardest time lining up my inner emotion, thoughts etc…in the same way…so I’m afraid God isn’t finished testing me yet…but I’m working on it…it really makes it hard when your heart isn’t lined up with your responses even if your responses are biblical…it feels fake and unauthentic…Lord I know through you alone I will get there…


Heart of the Artist Ch. 6

Heart of the artist Ch 6

Jealousy and Envy:

Wow…well to be honest I only have one thing to say about that…Complaining about or being envious or jealous of something you don’t have…is telling God what He has given you isn’t good enough…I don’t know that I have struggled with this in my gifting but I know I have with earthly things or worldly possessions from time to time…and this is the truth I always come back to…


Monday Prayer...

I'm praying for you today...leave your request, thoughts...what ever you feel comfortable leaving...


Monday Prayer...

I'm thankful...thankful for a God who loves me...thankful that when I call out His name He is at my side...that nothing will keep him from coming...He's never too busy...my cares are never unimportant or unworthy...He always meets me right where I'm at...Thank You Lord for your unfailing love that never leaves me or forsakes me...I love you
I'm praying for you today...leave your thoughts or your requests...God loves you and wants to meet your every need...