My Holy Roller Life 2

Homecoming 1987
My ONE of a kind father. Words that come to mind... artsy fartsy, spiritual, giver, compassionate, romantic, conversationalist, philosopher, deep thinker, artist, joke teller, peacemaker, musician, teacher. Just to give a few ;)
Feelings the thought of him evoke... joy, love, protected, strength, bravery, confidence, creativety, special

My dad was raised by his grandparents. Mexican culture, Spanish speaking, strict and Christ following. My grandfather, his dad, was a musician who had my father when he was a child himself, 16 I think and my grandmother was 14, I'm pretty sure. The way I've heard the story told is that my Great Grandmother Rufugia, Ruth in Spanish which is my middle name. My mother's mom's name was Ruth also cool huh? I'm named after both! Anyways... Rufugia a mighty woman of God, which we will discuss another day, went and asked my Grandmother if she could take my father, little Jimmy, and raise him as her own. And so... it was so. My Christian heritage begins...

Stay tuned

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