Thrift Store Haula!

This weekends Thrift Store Haul! So I'm on the hunt for specific things I need and want for the Summer Adventure program and man did I make out this weekend! Giving it up for my Jesus! He provides all our needs! Can I get an Amen!!!! 

Really wanted this size easel with dry erase board for teaching time and the ability to store teaching tools in the middle (easy access) and would hold the Calendar for circle time! Woot woot   $8.99

These are a lot of fun! I wanted one but was pretty pricey at the store... This one is way bigger than the one I was hoping to buy at Walmart! $5.99

Now this was just an unnecessary  secret desire! There are even princess barbies! 2 Snow White's, Pocahontas, 3 Jasmine's even Marida, and Rapunzel   $20.00

Rex $.78, Captain America that talks $1.50, a really cool shark $.78 to go with the other animals I have, and a cool wood puzzle to add to my collection which I've been picking up at thrift stores lately. I think I have a total of 5 so far this one was $1.50! 
Okay I saved the best for last!!! This was like a pie in the sky dream! I really wanted these Marbleworks. We have them at the preschool and the kids just LOVE to play with them. However, they can get pretty pricey anywhere from $40-$80 and up depending on brand and how many are in the set etc... This is 2 complete sets that I got for $6.00!!!
God  you're so good!

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