Matters of the Heart 4

The Stress Test was very stressful! All in all it seemed to go well. I ended up having to have an IV which I was NOT expecting! The IV was to administer a radiation medication into my bloodstream. It was injected at the beginning of the test, I was given 2 cups of water, then ushered to lay on this skinny table, legs straight out, arms above my head and this amazing machine moved VERY slowly taking pic of my resting heart at all angles. After this I was escorted to the treadmill room, yes with the IV still in my arm! We begin the next phase of the testing. I got strapped with LOTS of wires and had lots of those circle sticky things stuck on me with stuff attached to them. Stepped on the treadmill and away we went. It started off at a pretty easy pace and I was feeling pretty good about things however every few minutes the speed increased and the treadmill inclined. By the end I felt like I was running up Mt Everest! Okay a little dramatic I know! As I was sprinting up Mt Everest the tech makes me release my death grip on the handle to administer more radioactive meds. I was praying LORD PLEASE HELP ME TO STAY ON THIS THING AND PLEASE KEEP ME FROM FARTING!!!! Have no fear my God is a mighty God!!! I finished the test glowing and panting a little but I made it through the entire test and with no breaking of wind! After this I was released for an hour to have food and COFFEE! Came back to the facility, back on the skinny table, legs straight out arms above my head amazing machine taking pictures of my very active heart. In total the test process took 3 hours which includes the hour break in between. Can I just say modern technology is awesome!

Tomorrow, Monday 4/4 at 4:00 I will receive all the results of my heart tests... Thank you so much for all your prayers! I know our God is listening...

I'll keep you posted


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